Considering I’m on a diet, I managed to eat my way through some pretty tasty food this weekend. We popped to the Oak Apple in Worcester for some food on Sunday, somewhere I drive past all the time but have never been in. It was a lot nicer than I thought, but I made the mistake of spotting the bright pink cheesecake before I had even ordered my main so that was all I could think about. The gammon and chips I had was nice though, and the mains the other guys had (Sunday lunch, Steaks and a mixed Grill) also looked pretty decent. ANNNNND they had Hobgoblin on draught. Awesome!

Sticking to the theme of food, desserts in particular, we paid a visit to the new Creams Cafe in Worcester City centre. It took a while to open so I have been waiting to visit for months – drooling over their regular Instagram posts taken in their other stores. We went to Bodegas (again) before hand, so we were already pretty stuffed, so both ordered a Sundae. In fact, we both ordered the exact same one – adventurous huh!?

Ice-cream Sundae from Creams Cafe in Worcester

Ice-cream Sundae from Creams Cafe in Worcester

It was a nice little place actually, very clean with insanely glittery walls! We didn’t need to book either which was a bonus, we just strolled on it at almost 10pm. It is a far cry from the other dessert place that opened and closed in Worcester recently – Dine Desserts. It would seem that Worcester is becoming the place to dine out, particularly with the new places set to open when all the work is finished at the top of the high-street. I’ll leave you with a few more pics from Creams:

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