So for the majority of today I have been looking after her Royal Fianceness who has been ill for the best part of a week. Being cooped up I figured I would make the most of it and get some stuff sorted.

I took the opportunity to sort our TV subscription out (yeah the joys of not being a kid anymore). It turns out that the TV subscription we have is being increased in price from £21.50 to £22.50. It was Sky’s letter telling us this that prompted me to review what we have with them. Looking at the bill I saw we pay £4 a month for evening and weekend calls. We don’t have a landline phone, we only have the phone line so we can have broadband. A quick live chat session later and that was removed from our account. Next up was the TV package, which I hate paying for as we only really watch stuff that is free to air anyway. After about an hour on live chat with them, they couldn’t really do much for us so I told them to cancel it. We have one month left paying for TV and then I shall buy a free-sat box and have subscription free TV instead.

In June our broadband deal runs out which gives us unlimited fibre broadband (up to 38mb) for £10 a month reduced from £20. When that happens I will cancel that as well and move to someone like Plusnet who will charge the same price, but give the higher connection speeds (up to 76mb). They also allow you to use your own hardware unlike Sky who insist on locking you to their router AND their line rental is cheaper. All in all it’s not a great day for Sky in the Audacious Egg household.

The other thing that got sorted was paying the balance on the Honeymoon! Greece here we come, yeahhhhhhh.

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