Up until my colleague at work mentioned Singletons Nurseries, I’d never heard of them. I wanted to get rid our gravel garden and create a nice lawned one. I was having a natter about it at work and dropped the fact I wanted some railway sleepers into conversation. Apparently Singletons was the cheapest place to get them from. Not that I don’t trust my colleague. but I had a look around the Internet and she was right. They are.

Bigger than you think

I decided I would drop them an email to see if they could deliver the following Saturday. I received a very rapid response from Brendan who advised that due to the time of the year they wouldn’t be able to sort me out that coming Saturday. Fair enough as I was only giving them a few days notice. Not to be put off I thought I would drive over on Saturday morning, not only to try and decide what type of sleeper I wanted, but also to see if I could squeeze some in my car. I needed 7, but even I knew I wouldn’t get them all in my Golf on one trip.

I arrived and quickly found a pile of wood that looked like sleepers. Whilst standing there thinking woody thoughts, I had to move out of the way of a fork lift truck as the guy was busy shunting stock around the yard. As he passed me he asked if I needed any help, pretty nice I thought given how busy he looked. I declined advising him I was just looking at the sleepers, and told me where to find some more, both reclaimed and new mixed hardwood (turns out I was looking at the softwood ones). Off I went tape measure in hand. After deciding I would go for the mixed hardwood and getting the dimensions, I went back to the car to see if I could somehow replicate the Tardis and squeeze some in. I couldn’t, it was going to be one hell of a tight fit. As I was poking the tape measure around in all directions praying for some kind of miracle, the same guy on the fork lift drove past. He asked if I was OK, and I told him that I was just measuring to see if I could get some sleepers in my car as I was not able to secure delivery for today. He hopped off his truck and told me he would see if he could sort something out. Two seconds later, he ushered me over, and got me chatting with a lady behind the till who would arrange for delivery that day. Awesome! I paid for the sleepers and delivery and off I went.

Faster than lightning

When I paid for delivery the lady said they were quite busy but they would get to me as soon as they could. I already knew they were busy as I had emailed prior and truth be told, I shouldn’t really be getting a delivery that day. It was just after 11am when I paid. The sleepers turned up at 2.30pm that afternoon. The driver helped carry them down the side of my house, and plodded off to his next job.

Once the sleepers were down and all screwed together (that was a fun job) it was time to order some turf. Given the epic service I had received so far from Singletons, I thought they could have some more of my custom. This time I placed the order online. When ordering turf the website advises that they harvest it fresh and deliver it the same day, so when you checkout you should add a note to say what day you want delivery. I ordered on Thursday and told them to deliver on Saturday. Not long after paying I got an email from Brendan (again) telling me that all was OK for Saturday and they would drop it off in the morning. Well, Friday it pissed it down and when I went on lunch I had a phone call from Claire to tell me that a truck had turned up and was dropping the turf off. They were a day early! I was a bit concerned at first as I read that at this time of year, you need to lay it the day you receive it, but given how the temperature has dropped and how wet it is, I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I actually laid it all when I finished work, starting at 6pm and finishing at just gone 10pm. I’m a determined little sausage when I want to be.

So there we are. If you need any garden supplies that are top quality and you need them yesterday, Singletons are the place to go!

Keep your eyes peeled for a post about the little garden project that I used the sleepers and turf for.

Turf and Sleepers from Singletons Nurseries Bromsgrove
Customer Service100
Quality of products95
Selection of products100
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Friendliness of staff
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What I didn't love
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Totally Fresh
Final Thoughts
Singletons Nurseries are a true hidden gem that I am glad I have found. Whilst I am yet to buy any plants from them, their customer service with regards to my Sleepers and Turf purchase have been second to none. Being easy to find with free parking, I'll be heading back to find more goodies for my garden in due course!
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Customer Service
Quality of products
Selection of products
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