I’m no gardening expert, but I do love plants and trees. Now that we have a garden I am filling every little spare bit of it with new flowers, shrubs and trees. Last July when we first moved in we took a trip to B&Q in Kidderminster and they had some half dead Pansies on offer. They looked like absolute crap, but another customer told us that they bought some the year before and they were amazing.

We took them home and put them in a hanging basket. For the first few months I kept them watered and they were great, new flowers appeared and they seemed to thrive. Then winter came, and I neglected them. I left them hanging there bone dry one week, and covered in snow the next. They kept on going.

Zombie plants

Spring came and they looked like they might be on their last legs, but I watered them and gave them a bit of TLC and back they came! They are like Pansy zombies, they just won’t die!

Now, as I mentioned above, I am no flower expert, but I was under the impression that Pansies flowered for the summer and then died. If you wanted more Pansies, then you bought winter flowering ones. So how come we have managed to have flowering pansies ALL-YEAR-LONG?

The picture used for this post is the pansies on their second summer, and 59th life having dried out and died more times than I care to think about. They were hanging out the front of the house, but are now just shoved on a hook that I found in the fence in our back garden. Go Pansies!!!

Unlike these awesome little flowers, my Fuchsia tree that I bought kept its leaves all the way into December, but then didn’t come back in the Spring. I’ve now chopped it down so it looks like a stupid stick poking out of the flower bed. I’ll give it until next year then it’s had it. Piddly little Pansy 1, massive woody expensive Fuchsia nil.

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