Nope. Not lost. But I have been off the radar as far as this blog is concerned. So what have I been up to? Well I’ll tell ya!

Other than working, I have:

Taken advantage of the Cycle to Work Scheme and ordered a nice new bike


Enjoyed some tasty food thanks to my workplace – Our team was taken out to Zizzi for some delicious noms:


I hung out with these guys:


And played Cards Against Humanity for the first time ever:


Our friends moved house, so had to relocate their pub to the new garden. We started with a square of dirt:


And after a few hours and several hernia’s, it was nearly complete:


I got drunk with friends on a birthday night out – finding these cool huts in a local bar’s garden area:


I am still getting really annoyed at the people who cannot park properly at my local Tesco Express petrol station:


And like many people, I have had a pop at Pokemon GO. I actually think it’s a great game, purely because it gets people out exploring local landmarks like this one in Worcester:


I spent a day helping my mate chop down some big ass trees for his client in Malvern:
(If you need a totally awesome tree surgeon by the way, click here)



AND on top of that, I have Spent some time with family, fixed some issues with the website/Email (Online Exchange sucks btw), fixed the indicators on my car, and lots of other stuff I can’t think of right now. I still have to sort out the wedding thank you cards, write the review of the hotel we stayed in for our Honeymoon, affix some kind of bolt to the wall that I can lock my bike to when it arrives, buy other stuff for the bike (helmet, waterproofs etc) so you can probably see why I haven’t blogged much. BUT I WILL be posting more for those of you that actually read it.

Sadly it’s now Sunday evening, and not being mega minted means I have to go to work tomorrow so I am off to chill and watch some random film before vanishing to the land of nod. I’ll be back with other random ramblings soon.

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