Well this is a momentous occasion, the 1st review under the Audacious Egg name. Today I am reviewing the Measure Up Personal Fitness Scale by Etekcity.

I already own a set of measuring scales that I bought on the cheap from ASDA, but I figured I would see if these ones were any better. They arrived at work, and within minutes I had colleagues at my desk weighing themselves (and subsequently ripping me for my weight). I’m bullied I tell thee!

Delivery and packaging
I confirmed my order on Thursday via an email to a worker at Etekcity, and the parcel arrived the next day. Super fast! It was really well packaged by Amazon (they fulfilled the order), and the product packaging also looked high quality. In fact, the actual product looks like it is packaged in a really fancy pizza box owing to the shape and size.

It's a great box but the contents are not as tasty as a pizza ;)

It’s a great box but the contents are not as tasty as a pizza 😉

First Impressions
Great, they look slick with their glossy black glass surface and silver pattern and detailing. They look a little bit like a piece of art you might find in a hotel lobby. The metal contacts used for measuring your body fat and water content etc blend nicely in with the pattern.

It's like standing on a piece of art, the metal contacts forming part of the pattern.

It’s like standing on a piece of art, the metal contacts forming part of the pattern.

Ease of use
As mentioned above, even before the cellophane was removed my colleagues were already jumping on to get weighed. I have used similar scales before so I know the basic fundamentals. Also being a bloke, I didn’t bother to read the instructions straight away, and I didn’t need to. On the back of the product is a button to switch between Pounds and Kilograms, and on the front are the touch sensitive buttons to input your height and age etc, all pretty self-explanatory. Missing from the measurements are Stones which I have always been used to using, but I guess I should get with the time and use Kilograms like the cool kids. Failing that, it’s not a massive chore to convert Pounds to Stones.

To start with I just jumped on and they worked. Having not entered any of my details I was just displayed with my current weight. I used the buttons on the front to pop my details in, and then jumped back on. It weighed me again, then an animated “processing” display was shown as it worked out just how much of me was fat, water, bone or muscle. It even suggests how many calories I should be eating. Not sure I believe it though, as it seems to think I should be scoffing over 3400 of them! The results are cycled 3 times before shutting off. The details are stored so if you wish to recall them, press the ‘set’ button on the front while powered off, use the arrows to cycle through the users (you can save up to 12), and then either wait, or press the centre of the scales to display that users measurements from the last weigh in.

I measured myself several times to see how consistent the results were, and they were bang on each time. The backlit display is easy to read, and looks super cool with it’s blue glow. Seeing as I have two months until I get married, these scales and I may become quite well acquainted.


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