So, other than the post I put up yesterday, I have been off the grid blog-wise since October! That’s a bit lame of me isn’t it!? The truth is I have been uber busy, but I couldn’t really tell you anything massively exciting that has occupied all my time. Other than getting a new puppy that is. Yep, we got a dog!

That’s quite a big thing for me, I have never owned a dog, and never really been that fond of them. I’ve had a cat before, so figured I was more of a cat person than a dog one. But, I have to admit, Smokie is a cute little Schnauzer. I’m still not a big fan of being licked, but in terms of my dog phobia, I have come on leaps and bounds.

What else has happened since I last threw some words at you? Well, I have started to migrate all my sites onto a new server, so this one, and the ones I have done for customers should load faster and be better optimised. I have helped the wifey launch her Mobile Hairdressing business – you can check her out via I have bought a Mac Mini (2012 version) and upgraded the hard drive and memory in that to make it a speed machine. I bought a Synology Disk Station so I have my own NAS at home for streaming media and backing up files. I have hung out with friends, eaten plenty of junk food, drank far too much and exercised too little. But I am still a member of my gym which has just been refurbished so that should help me get into shape throughout 2017.

As for Cheekylemon, I plan to blog a lot more and I might even get a new laptop through work before the government pull the tax relief on computers for employees. This means you should expect far more ramblings from me, and I promise to not be so lazy when I go out places and review more of them! I’ll also dust the SLR off and allocate more time to snapping some pics.

No doubt you’re bored of reading now, so here’s my life in pictures since I last surfaced on the Internet back in October!

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