A couple of weeks ago I was driving back from Tesco and happened to be behind a learner driver. They were driving at around 30mph, occasionally dipping into the 20’s – nothing to affect your journey time too much. I have a fair bit of patience for learners, we all had to do it, and all learners have to practice on a road at some point. Some douchbag behind me wasn’t so patient though, and figured he could overtake me AND the learner and get away with it. Wrong! I caught it on the dash-cam. Not only did he almost write off the car coming the other way, he could have also smashed into me, or the bus stop. He then had the audacity to flip off the driver he almost killed as he drove into the distance!

I have already shared the video on my facebook page, and brought it to the attention of the Police, although they want me to either print out a form or call their 101 number between 9am and 5pm, I’m at work guys – no can do. I guess the long arm of the law won’t reach them, but maybe at some point they will see this and the driver will realise what an absolute dick he was.

Fair play to the learner though, they carried on with no hesitation and still remembered to indicate. Awesome!

Here’s the video anyway – have a mooch.

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