I must be one of thousands of people who would up sticks and move to Fair Isle Scotland, so the chances of me ever getting there are slimmer than slim. I’ve blogged before about my affinity with the sea and my love of nature and birds, so how perfect would it be to live on a remote Scottish island, living off the land and being part of a small like-minded community.

That is exactly what Tommy did. He saw an opportunity to move to Auld Haa Guesthouse which is owned by The National Trust For Scotland. He moved all the way from New York in the States, how awesome is that. I only know of him due to the TV program ‘New Lives in the Wild UK’ with Ben Fogle.


I’m really pleased for Tommy, he seems like a really nice down to earth bloke that has a big heart, and will do anything for anyone. This not only comes across on screen, but also in the awesome comments and testimonials on his site and Facebook page. It must be really hard to earn a living on such a small island, I guess he must get all his money through the guest house bookings, and some of the hats and paintings he makes and sells. It makes me wonder how on Earth I would make a living over there if I was ever lucky enough to live there. I guess I could still work for the company I work for now, but from a home office as opposed to a work desk. I will have to get in touch with the Scottish National Trust and beg them to let me live there. Or maybe Claire and I could live with Tommy and help him with the guesthouse etc. I’m not work shy, I’d put the graft in for the benefit of living in such a beautiful place.


I think what I will have to do is book a holiday at the Guesthouse and spend some time there. I could pretend I lived there, saying hello to the locals, walking the cliffs and watching the birds fly across the sunset. If at the end of the holiday I believe I could live there, I will have to work out a way of making it happen. I’ll go and live in a cave and refuse to come out until I am granted residency!


For more information about the island and about Tommy, visit his blog: http://fair-isle.blogspot.co.uk/. There are also details about how to send some money if you wish so you can help him fund his bird feeding. I’m very tempted to set up a monthly payment after the wedding in June, it will make me feel like I am contributing to life on the island.

For now though, all I can do is look at the stunning photos and dream about another life on a beautiful island.

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