It was just before Christmas when some colleagues and I visited Hanbao burger restaurant in Worcester to sample their amazing menu. I’d been here once before for drinks on a night out, but wasn’t aware it was a burger place until someone told me. I figured it was just a funky new cocktail bar that serves drinks in glasses shaped liked skulls, yes SKULLS.  I’m glad I went back for food, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

15 of us rocked up for food at lunch time, and after driving around for a bit to find parking spaces, the clock was ticking! We had 1 hour for lunch, and the parking spaces we found limited us to 45 minutes. We needed to get in and get munching.

We were greeted at the door, offered drinks at the bar, and seated promptly. We could see the food we had pre-ordered being prepared via the open kitchen that was right next to our table. Usually with a rowdy crowd of office workers something goes wrong. Amazingly that wasn’t the case here, especially considering the amount of mains and sides that had been ordered. There were burgers, pork bites, fries and sides galore – and it was all prepared and cooked to perfection.

As it was Christmas, I went for the special “Motherclucker”. It was essentially a Christmas dinner between a couple of buns, fried breaded turkey breast with cranberry jam amongst other ingredients. It even had stuffing balls on the top, absolute bliss! Great comments were abound with everyone in our party absolutely loving their grub, so much so plans to revisit were already being made on our return to the office. I definately need to go back I can tell you that for a fact, I don’t even care who I go with, I just need to get more of their awesome food in my face.

If you fancy a visit you should check out their site:, give them a call on 01905 22809, or drop them an email on [email protected]. They are located at 4 Foregate St,Worcester, WR1 1DB.

Hanbao Burger Restaurant Worcester
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Great burgers
Awesome sides
Friendly staff
No parking (that I know of) other than on the street, but it is VERY close to the train station.
The staff have everything in hand, serving up absolutely belting food with a smile. Parking can be an issue at busy times, but allow a bit of time for that and you'll be sorted.

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