It’s taken a while to get this post online, so apologies for anyone that might be waiting to see the photos (although you should have probably seen them on Facebook by now). What with Claire being ill, and me having chronic toothache for days on end, the website took a backseat!

But I’m back now woohoo! Here are the majority of the photos from my school reunion I went to recently, over half were not suitable for sharing for different reasons. It was so nice seeing everyone, and it was great that everyone seemed to get along, despite not everyone actually hanging out in the same groups at school. It’s almost as if when you leave school and enter the adult world, you suddenly become equal. There isn’t a popular, nerdy, posh, thick or clever group. You’re all the same, just at a slightly different spot in your life timeline. The girls you fancied and were too scared to talk or the guy’s you thought might have been a bit too high on their pedestal chat with ease. It seems almost everyone has started a family and seem really happy which is great. Obviously I did the buying a house and getting married and then getting divorced thing years ago, and I’m only just getting round to starting again – speaking of which, less than two months until our wedding, yay!!!

I wish I could see more of many people that came, but everyone has very busy lives. Well done to the girls that organised it, and good luck to everyone, particularly those starting new lives overseas – make sure you keep in touch. See you at the next Reunion.

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