I know I know, how many times will I be changing my website address. I have had Cheekylemon for years and then decided to change the name to Audacious Egg. I then got bored of that and thought people would struggle to spell it, so changed to a nice short website called richyb.uk. Then, whilst on honeymoon I figured I would change back to cheekylemon.co.uk – the website address that matches my online identity all over the Internet. Whenever I need to choose a username I opt for cheekylemon – so it made sense to switch back and keep it all uniform. Pain in the arse aren’t I?


So apologies everyone – it’s all change again. The website will look a little empty/fragmented at the moment (gaps over the homepage etc), as I have cut some of the content, but stay tuned for even more blog posts and reviews soon. This time, I shall be putting a lot more content up.

Ciao ciao!

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