Seeing that my brand new Powerbeats2 earphones decided to break after no more than 4 uses, I had to find a replacement. The Powerbeats cost me a fair old whack so I thought I was going to get a decent product – but I guess not. Que heading to Argos for a refund.

Once I had the cash back I did a little bit of research into what Bose had to offer. I love Bose so I don’t know why I never chose them in the first place. In the end I decided to go for the best wireless headphones they have to offer, the Quiet Comfort 35 model with active noise cancellation. So far I am one impressed little sausage.

I have never used any headphones with active noise cancellation before, so I was a little sceptical as to how it would work. These headphones actually create silence, I kid you not. With the silence they create it enables you to hear notes you would have ordinarily missed, and cancels out the noise of an office, or engine noise in an aircraft cabin. I’m hoping I have these headphones for a very long time, but when they do eventually give up the ghost I will definitely get some more WITH active noise reduction.


How  Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work

This image I have borrowed from explains how the funky noise cancelling works inside headphones.

The other beauty is they’re wireless using the latest bluetooth technology – the main reason I bought the Powerbeats originally. I can’t wait to use them to the fullest when walking to work and hitting the gym. I’ll update again when I have used them a little more 🙂

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