If I was a cow, and I knew I was destined to become a beef burger, I would hope to hell I would become a Beefy Boys beef burger.

For some time now people in the office have been banging on about how great Beefy Boys (The Meat Boutique) is, and I have largely been ignoring them. There’s no shortage of places to get a burger from round here, we have McDonalds at one end of the Scale, and places like Hanbao at the other. They are also on my doorstep and saves me having to drive for miles to fill my tum. But seeing as peoples eyes glaze over and dribble uncontrobably just at the mention of the place, I thought I would pay a visit.

The kitchen where my burger was born. Cook my little beauty!

Like most burgers, mine started out as a cow. Except The Beefy Boys don’t add anything else. It’s just 100% cow. From Hereford. There’s no egg or breadcrumbs in there at all, its basically like eating a steak. I’m a massive pizza fan and would probably eat it every day if it wouldn’t kill me, but I’m not allowed to. The wife said. Imagine my delight then when I find a burger on the menu called “The Pizza Boy”. A super tasty burger with their home made Marinarra sauce, breaded Mozerrella, Red Onion, Pepperoni, American cheese and Swiss cheese served with a Garlic and herb dip. Om nom nom nom. No word of a lie, it took me longer to choose my drink than my burger!

The Pizza Boy – When a pizza and a burger join forces to become a super food.

The Service

Having parked just round the corner in a multi-storey  we soon found ourselves outside waiting to be greeted. It didn’t take a moment for a member of staff to ask if we had booked (we had), find our reservation and whisk us inside. Once seated we were served primarily by two waitresses with Beth looking after us the most. I have to say she was awesome, nothing was too much trouble and joined in with our banter and conversations. She even took our photos which was nice of her. I didn’t get her picture for your viewing pleasure unfortunately, I thought it best to keep it limited to the food. I think the staff of any restaurant really make a place, the food can be as tasty as you like, but if you’re served by someone with no personality who clearly doesn’t care for their job or their customers, then that’s what is remembered and can leave a pretty foul taste. Beth was absolutely awesome, she deserves a big fat pay rise or a years worth of free food (and beer).

Quality of Food

There’s not much I can say here other than it was absolutely bang on. My Pizza Boy had more sticks in it than a beavers bedroom, it had to, the burgers were huge (I doubled up) AND it had a huge chunk of breaded Mozzarella to keep from sliding into my lap. I sat and looked at it for a while before deciding it was best to take it apart and use cutlery. It tasted immense, the sauce was nice and tangy adding something special to the already flavoursome beef. And the cheese, oh God the cheese. I love cheese. All my boxes were ticked with this bad boy. In fact I have already decided that when I go back, I’m having the exact same burger. Well, not the EXACT same one, I’ve eaten it, but a similar one. You know what I mean…

The reprobates all very excited with what lies before them


I had a burger, I doubled it up, paid half towards a side order and had a beer, and £20 covered that and allowed for a couple of quid tip. I’ve paid more for far less, it was worth every penny and some.


It was pretty easy to find to be fair, just head into Hereford and park in the multi storey car park on Widemarsh Street like I did. Walk out the car park towards Old Market Shopping Centre, round the corner and you’ll see it, nestled there along with Frankie and Benny’s and a few others. The actual address is The Meat Boutique, Old Market, Hereford HR4 9HU.

The Beefy Boys Burger Restaurant, Hereford
Quality of Food100
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The good
The staff were all awesome - Beth in Particular
Food was great
Nice selection of beers and ciders
Efficient service
The bad
Absolutely none.
Holy Cow
Final Thoughts
The Beefy Boys make amazing burgers, and bring them to your table with a smile, and in our case, plenty of banter too. It's a top notch place with a great atmosphere and awesome staff. I can't wait to get back there.

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