Anyone that has been to Iberostar Creta Panorama in Crete, Greece, will know exactly how amazing the Animation Team are. Having been to this hotel in September 2015, we decided to re-visit in June 2016 for our Honeymoon – purely because we liked the Animation guys so much. Don’t get me wrong, the hotel and the staff are amazing, many of whom were still there this year, but the Animation Team put the biggest cherry on top of an already amazing cake.


With the exception of Tuesdays, these guys work EVERY day. Up and around the pool from 10am doing Aqua Gym, Kids Clubs, Rifle Shooting, Water Polo, Archery, Table Tennis, Water Basketball, Pool games, Volleyball and more. After that they put on a different show each night, from dancing and theatre performances such as The Lion King and Moulin Rouge to comedy shows – these guys do it all. After that they then come and mingle at the Calypso bar until 12.30am, sometimes staying beyond 1.30am when the bar closes. Where they get the energy from is beyond me!


Some of the team had returned from the previous year, such as Simone, Barletta and Mariella, others had moved to the hotel next door, and others were new to the team. Before we went on holiday we saw on Facebook that the team had changed slightly, and we thought the magic might be lost – but it wasn’t. The new guys are amazing and gel well within the team. We spent many nights with Vily, one of the new guys drinking beer, chatting into the small hours and pulling faces.


We also had some nice chats with Gosia, Alex, Barletta, Sarah and others from the team. Considering the hotel hosts around 1500 guests, these guys always make you feel like you are their best mate and will always find time for you. They are also quick to tell you they are not professional dancers or performers, but you wouldn’t know it. They are all well skilled – who else can be doing volleyball and water sports one minute, and performing in The Lion King and Moulin Rouge the next? Exactly!


Bravo guys, you are all amazing, and Claire and I already miss you. In fact, if we had the skills we would both move out and work with you. What a team.

Video to follow.

The Animation Team - Iberostar Creta Panorama
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The Animation Team lead by Simone at Iberostar Creta Panorama in Crete, Greece are nothing short of amazing. Skilful, diverse, friendly and very talented. They made our holiday complete, and I am sure they will make yours too.

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Variety of Shows
Acting Skills
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