This was my first visit here, and it was purely by accident. A group of 5 of us were meant to be having Sunday lunch together, but the venue was full, so a friend booked Bodega Cantina. I’m glad he did, it was awesome. They have gone for the rustic “let’s not even finish the ceiling” look, and the railings inside look like scaffolding poles – but it really works.


It was pretty quiet inside, but I guess everyone else was munching carveries. I liked it, but I guess other’s would class that as a lack of atmosphere. I also liked the decor, with those funky old-fashioned filament lamps, pictures/models of Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls and the brightly coloured furniture. The menu was great and not overwhelming with something to suit everyone.


We started with Nacho’s and I kid you not, they are the best ones I’ve ever had the pleasure of shoving in my face. Not the usual packet of crisps that have had some cheese slapped on top and popped in the oven, these were like actual tortillas that had been cut and fried no more than a minute before they were sat looking at me. Crispy yet soft, I would happily go back just for these!


It took us minutes to smash that plate of Nacho’s, which meant we were ready for our mains. I went for the halloumi burger as I had Burritos 2 nights before. It came with spicy slaw and sweet potatoes fries. IT. WAS. AMAZING. The Halloumi was breaded so had a nice crispyness to it,  and wasn’t as chewy as I have had before. My mate Steve had the burger, which he loved so much he insisted everyone tried it, and Claire had the pulled chicken burrito which was HUGE and packed to the rafters with meaty goodness. Hayley had the same Burrito as Claire, and Jez went for the same as me (copy cats hehe).

After food we enjoyed a few more drinks and noticed they do a tasting tray of Tequila. This got us chatting about the little worm that you find in bottles of decent tequila. One of the Chefs, Tony, came over and told us a little bit of info about the types of tequila and how people have misconceptions about the worm being really alcoholic. They get through so many bottles of the stuff they keep all the little worms in a separate little bottle ready for those brave souls that think they can eat one!

Bodega Cantina Worcester
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Final thoughts
Bright, airy with great decor and delicious food.

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    • Rich Benson

      Hey Victoria.

      Thanks for the comment, I’ve realised I haven’t really blogged in a while. Or eaten tasty Nachos for that matter. I’ll correct both of those issues 😉


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